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October 15, 2007


Happy Birthday, Frank!!!

I forgot what a little morsel he was! He's such a handsome cat now, but back then, he was a mere puff of sweetness.

Are you going to get him a cake that looks like a chipmunk?!

It's been a year already?


auntie bri & slick

veda and ella want to wish frank a wonderful and flea-free birthday.

Frank Frank! Oh happy birthday! He was a Friday the 13th baby, this I remember. God - he was so little that I remember we briefly contemplated putting him in a hampster ball so that he could easily be found. I was so afraid I would step on him. And then I did! I punted him across the room. All I could hear was the sound of tiny claws trying to find traction. So then I screamed, and this freaked him out and he jumped. He may or may not have pissed himself.

Oh how handsome he is now. I am VERY excited for my visit to Ohio. I will bring treats for both of you :)

Ghaaa - I just watched the video again. Too.cute.Fluffy.kitty.string....AHHHHHHH!

Still enjoying his blankie?

Aww, happy birthday to Frank! Aren't kitties the greatest? Even my boyfriend can't argue when I claim mine is my best friend in the world.

Holy Cow... I mean Holy cats... kittens are just too cute for words.

Thanks everyone! He appreciates the love! :)

Time flies...Frank is so adorable--such a big boy! Happy belated birthday!!

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